Contract Manufacturing

Contract production is basically the production process that starts with the details of the model that our customer wants for his own brand, and ends with the production of the product as a result of certain stages in the desired standards, and the delivery of the product to the customer and showing up in the showcases.

Since its foundation, Ersey Textile has been making the right production according to customer expectations for the first time in all production processes with its on-site quality focus, standardizing to ensure the same quality at every point, producing the requested quantities on time, providing systematic service in logistics and shipment, constantly improving and always aims to provide a good service.

Ersey Textile, which specializes in the production of men’s upper groups, is an integrated facility with the capacity to meet all kinds of foreign demands with its machinery equipped with the most advanced technology and its expert staff in sewing.

Our production facility produces the products of many big brands with its quality sewing, innovative production approach and fast product delivery.

The contract manufacturing process proceeds as follows;

  • the way in which the product to be produced is determined;

a – One-to-one production of the product available to the customer, Choosing from our special collections in our

b – showroom and producing them in the model you want,

c – Creation with the support of our modelers in accordance with the criteria requested by our customer,The specified options are the stages of the product to be produced.

  • Pre-production sample of the ordered product is sewn in accordance with the criteria of the fabric, material and accessories requested by the customer, and production approval is obtained from the customer.
  • A contract is made with the customer for the production of the approved product.
  • All materials of the product that will start production;

a – sent by our customer,

b – supplied from suppliers determined by our customer,

c – It is procured from our suppliers that our company has worked with,As a result of the specified options, the material is supplied.

The deadline is shared with our customers as a result of necessary planning, taking into account the product material procurement process.

  • After all the materials of the order received are supplied, the product is planned and cut according to the fabric unit and the desired quantity.
  • 25% of the payment is requested by sharing the quantity and unit quantities released after the cutting with the customer.
  • Production status information of the product is shared with our customer at every stage by our company.
  • The cut products are produced to the standards requested by the customer in the sewing department, after being taken to the quality control server warehouse department, they are packed and the production process ends.
  • 75% of the remaining payment is collected and the way of loading is packed and shipped to the standards requested by our customer.

Ersey Textile aims to always serve its customers in the best way, never compromise on its quality, to produce according to the desired details, to provide services in the desired price range, to ensure that orders are sent to customers on time, to renew themselves and to give them all necessary support in every sense.

Our production factory, which has acquired, continues to serve national and international brands.We can also supply all other products on men’s clothing demanded by our customers.     

 For all your questions about contract manufacturing;

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