Our company, which specializes in Ersey Textile, coat, jacket, trench coat, blouson and Topcoat, is an integrated facility that can meet all domestic and foreign demands by meticulously handling all the demands of its customers with its production experience, experienced staff and high quality awareness.

In the production process, it can follow every stage regularly and thus prevent possible mistakes. All information between departments is controlled through advanced information processing systems.

The production line, which has the flexibility to adapt to all kinds of model changes, has a production capacity to meet the total demand, with its experienced staff, which are trained with zero error in production.

Today, while large companies reduce their production capacities, Ersey Textile continues to increase its contribution to the regional and national economy by increasing its production units with an enterprising policy.

Ersey Textile production factory has a production line that serves local and foreign customer groups. Our sewing machine unit is an exemplary production facility that has standardized its high production quality with its strong machine park, sewing and press departments, modern production facility suitable for health and safety conditions, periodic personnel training.

Quality control activities are carried out at every step during the sewing process. The quality of the production is guaranteed by the quality control department by means of interim controls and inspections made in line with the standards by taking the work orders as reference throughout the production.