In our cutting section supported by CAD – CAM systems, cutting is done with automatic cutting machines without manual processing. After the fabric, lining and auxiliary materials are thrown on the cuts, the body part number is hit on the cut body parts. After this process, after the interlining is adhered to the necessary parts of the fabric cut in the interlining pressing section, it is made ready for sewing and sent to other bands.The Cutting department, which serves sewing tapes, is the first stage of production.

Ersey Textile cutting department; It is equipped with automatic cutting machines and interlining machines suitable for our age technology. Our cutting department has an average daily capacity of 500 – 700 coats, coats, jackets and coats. On the other hand, employees who are experts in their work on subjects requiring fine hand workmanship; Even if they are plain fabric, striped fabric and plaid fabric, they perform high quality cutting with the working methods that provide the best compatibility between the parts by paying attention to the necessary report differences.