About Us

Ersey Textile production facility produces the products of many big brands with its quality sewing, innovative production approach and fast product delivery.


Ersey Textile; To provide unconditional customer satisfaction with our most valuable employees as a high quality Coat, Jacket, Blouson and TopCoat production factory.


Ersey Textile; It aims to be the production factory preferred by all apparel brands in the field of Coats, Jackets, Blouson and TopCoats.

Why Ersey Textile

Ersey Textile is taking firm steps towards becoming a company preferred by its customers by offering products suitable for special and fast production.


Ersey Textile can supply all products on men’s clothing demanded by our customers.


We produce high quality products for national and internationally recognized brands.

Costumer Satisfaction

Ersey Textile always pays attention to serving its customers in the best way possible.

Export Policy

Ersey textile not only serves all brands in the country, but also serves all brands abroad.

Qualıty Policy

Being a model organization that respects society and the environment,
It aims to increase the level of quality by giving importance to zero errors and teamwork in production.


Ersey Textile is subject to audits by the brands it manufactures and passes these audits successfully.

Human Resources

Our goal is to develop our quality human resources and to add new ones to our organization.